Top 10 Best Graco stroller Reviews

A best graco stroller would help you in keeping your baby safe anywhere you go. It will furthermore help you in carrying your baby accompanied by you in a totally safe and on edge manner. In today’s chaotic lifestyle wherever you have to achieve the faultless work and life balance, at times you will have to carry your baby accompanied by you.

A stroller could be a valuable utility in those times. The problem is that with so many diverse brands, you do not know which one to trust. When it comes to the safety of your baby, you must always go with a reliable brand like Graco.

Even when you search for options among Graco strollers, there are fairly a few of them. Rather than wasting time going over tens of diverse options, just go over our list of top 10 Best Graco stroller in 2022. We have curated the whole range of options accessible to you to pick the best Graco stroller which you could get your hands on.

why Go Graco?

Graco is a renowned brand for baby products. They are an extremely trusted brand that has been around since 1942 and has since produced numerous Graco stroller models. 

The brand is considered one of the topmost manufacturers for strollers, mainly travel systems, in terms of ease of use, child coziness, and safety. Their strollers are valued in the mid-range, making them reasonable for maximum parents.

They make many diverse models, everything from double strollers to joggers. Apart from strollers, Graco furthermore makes car seats to go with their strollers. Definite models that come with the car seat adaptability function can effortlessly transform the plain stroller into a travel system Graco!

How we made the list of best Graco stroller

We recommend these products based on a thorough research process that’s designed to cut through the noise as well as find the top products in this space. The factors are Strollers wheels, longevity, storage, strength, cup holder etc. Guided by specialists, we spend hours looking into the factors that matter, to bring you these selections.

1. Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller

Graco Ready2Grow LX Double Stroller

At times, it could become hard for you to carry your two children with you anyplace you go. With the aid of this Graco stroller, it will truly become an easier job for you.

Ease of use

It is pretty easy to fold which confirms that you could use it as per your expediency. The front seat is proficient of holding a kid of up to 50 Lbs. On the other hand, the back seat is capable of holding a kid of up to 40 Lbs. considering the flexibility; it is certainly one of the best alternatives for you.


 Furthermore, for a double stroller, this one is very sturdy and very lightweight. It is made of 20 percent cotton as well as 80 percent polyester.


Most significantly, you can discover a big storage basket below the seat for keeping all of your provisions while out in the park with your kids.


User review

According to users this stroller is super easy to fold. You do not have to remove the seats to fold it which is so nice in comparison to other parallel strollers. The car seat adapter comes with the stroller and the car seats eliminate and lock with ease unlike the pivot expand. It steers attractively.

  • Could accommodate 2 kids
  • 12 different riding positions
  • Could be customized easily
  • Easy to move around
  • Wheel alignment might have been better

Bottom line

 Equipped with 12 riding alternatives, this stroller features multi-position reclining seats, optional back-facing infant seat, parent and kid tray, a big storage basket for all the traveling essentials. When you are finished strolling, use the one-hand folding feature for easy transportation or storage. The Graco Ready2Grow Duo Stroller just has it all!

2. Graco Snugrider Elite Stroller and Car Seat Carrier

Graco Snugrider Elite Stroller and Car Seat Carrier

If you are in search of a minimalistic Graco stroller, this one is the flawless option for you. Though, it does not mean that it is not usable. The Graco infant car seat could be easily attached to the stroller.


The stroller is engineered to fit and attach to your car seat flawlessly. Consequently, you don’t have to concern about your kid’s comfort when they are on Graco SnugRider. The quality of the materials used to design also improves its durability.


There is moreover a small and secure pocket to hold the baby’s travel essentials. Thus you don’t truly have to walk around with an enormous backpack that may end up being a nuisance.


User review

The storage under is actually really big plus easy to get to, they like that the entire front comes undone to access it. It easy to move and goes over door frames easily. The users would recommend this! Plus they love Graco. 

  • Minimalistic design
  • Could easily attach the infant car seat
  • Heavy duty structure
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to move around
  • Lever button could get stuck sometimes

Bottom line

It is pretty lightweight also which confirms that you are capable to move it around quite easily. Moreover, it has a 2 cup holder as well which confirms that you are capable to hold the milk and other bottles for the kid. The aluminum frame is a pretty heavy duty which confirms that the stroller is extremely durable.

3. Graco Roomfor2 Stand and Ride Stroller

Graco Roomfor2 Stand and Ride Stroller

Graco Roomfor2 Stroller is designed in a way that it could be used by 2 children simultaneously, and the compact design of the stroller makes it capable to be passed over any standard doorway while steering kids.


The seat of the stroller is sufficient comfortable for serving the infant with the greatest strolling experience. No matter, how long you have to walk, otherwise how much time you have to spend in shopping, infant would keep sitting inside happily without asking you to take him out. The reclining feature of the seat moreover improves the comfortability feature by positioning the seat at the preferred angle.

Wheels feature

Apart from all that, being a lightweight stroller, parents would also find it easy to push all the way long. And the size of the wheels moreover contributes to a smooth steering experience. 


User review

The users said it will give your toddler an alternative to sit if they want but will not confine them to a seat. Recline is good enough in the front seat thus your baby can sleep. 

  • Stand and ride styled stroller
  • Smooth pushing experience
  • Easy to fold
  • Lightweight
  • Straps are not comprised for securing a car seat

Bottom line

Unlike other brands, this stroller is made up of considering the expediency of both the parent and children. Grab the stroller immediately, to start gaining the greatest strolling experience of your life.

4. Graco Jetsetter Stroller, Balancing Act 

Graco Jetsetter Stroller

When you are trying to discover a stroller that provides you the largest bang for your dollar, there is no other alternative than the Graco Jetsetter Balancing Act. This Graco stroller provides you the best value for your money, however it also comes with a wide variety of unique features that would stand out for any mom or dad.

Most Lightweight Design

One noticeable standout feature is just how lightweight it is. It is the lightest design. It weighs less than 14 pounds. This creates it a cinch to take anyplace, whether you are going on a journey with your loved ones or just heading to the grocery store.

One-Hand, Ultra-Compacted Fold

This stroller is extremely light, but it is expedient, too. It boasts a one-handed folding system that rapidly and easily compacts the stroller. While collapsed, the stroller breaks down to easily fit into tight spaces for example a closet or trunk.


User review

The clients said that it’s so compact and so lightweight compared to the heavy joggers. Overall they truly like this stroller and would commend it.

  • One-hand, ultra-compacted fold
  • Compatible with any Graco Click-Connect Child Car Seat
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Detachable arm bar
  • Locking front-swivel wheels
  • Storing it in the bag could be a hassle, mainly while holding a baby
  • The stroller does not fold up with the adapters on.

Bottom line

This is the most lightweight yet robust and trustworthy Graco stroller. It could be used right from birth with any Graco Click Connect Kid Car Seat until the child weighs 50 pounds. It is ideal for any mother on a budget and wants/requirements a product that could go anywhere.

5. Graco Uno2Duo Stroller

Graco Uno2Duo Stroller

You could start using the UNO2DUO stroller as a single carrier which could then expand to convert a double stroller as the family grows.


For on-the-go coziness for babies, the reclining seat could easily convert into a child’s bassinet by varying its orientation from parent-facing toward forward-facing.

Moreover, toddlers could enjoy a fun and easy ride-along on the back standing platform of this Graco baby stroller.


Upsurge the stroller’s storing capacity by 5 inches, therefore you would have an even bigger basket while you need it.

Interestingly, it expediently folds with and without the seat on the frame in a one-handed motion.


User review

As per clients, this stroller has been a life saver. Also it turns easily as well as is not a struggle like others. They LOVE it most especially since it does not take up a lot of space like most double strollers

  • Easy to assemble
  • Provides 11 riding options
  • It includes an option for a second seat
  • Removable tray
  • One-hand fold
  • Click connect compatible
  • In-built rider board inclusive
  • Extra-wide storage basket
  • Expensive
  • There is only a little basket storage with a second seat.

Bottom line

With just one easy step, you could extend your stroller by 5-inch to accommodate two kids. In addition, this flexible travel system grows with your family for years as you could ride with one or two children in 8 ways.

6. Graco Modes Stroller

Graco Modes Stroller

The next option on our list is highly versatile. It could be used as a child stroller as well as infant stroller. It could also accommodate the Graco child car seat. Therefore, all the necessities which you may look for in a stroller could be fulfilled with the aid of this specific one.

Reverse direction

 The unique thing about this stroller is that you can reverse the direction of the seat. You could make the kid-face you otherwise make the kid-face away from you. This confirms that you are capable to easily modify the sitting position of the kid.


This stroller is very easy to push, though several people complain about a continuing squeak. The brand’s website does identify that issue and commends using light oil to remedy the problem. 


User review

It’s lightweight for its size, easy to push, has a large basket and the users love the different ways they can use the seats, from facing in to facing out and having a car seat. It has a lot of cushion and frankly it is awesome, well worth every single penny. They would certainly purchase this stroller again.

  • Highly versatile
  • 3-point harness scheme otherwise 5 point harness scheme
  • Reversible sitting position
  • 10 different riding positions
  • Build quality is not that great

Bottom line

With 10 diverse riding options, you would be able to select the one which is most comfortable for your baby. You could pick the 3 point harness system otherwise the 5 point harness system to keep your baby totally safe. All of these features combined, create it one of the best Graco strollers which you could choose for.

7. Graco LiteRider LX Lightweight Stroller

Graco LiteRider LX Lightweight Stroller

Several of us do not like toward tug along a heavy stroller. With this Graco stroller, you would not have any such difficulties. The weight of it is 17 lbs. It moreover comes along with the other bells and whistles similar a cup holder, storage tray etc. Thus, when you are definitely in search of a lightweight stroller, and this is the one which you would always choose for.

Comfort and Safety

The seat on the LiteRider is spacious, at 14-inches wide plus 30-inches tall. That is big enough to accept a SnugRide child car seat, turning this stroller into a lightweight Graco travel system.

Storing Space

Under the seat, you will find that the storage basket is large sufficient to carry what you need plus is easily accessible owing to the drop-down feature. This is particularly helpful while the seat is reclined!


Users review

Parents are very pleased with their Graco LiteRider, overall. Moms love how easy it is to fold and the quality you get for the lower price. Parents are astonished at how much they could fit into the big storage basket and are even more astonished at how lightweight this stroller is.

  • Lightweight
  • Storage tray
  • Easy to move
  • 3 point or 5 point harness system
  • Installation is not easy

Bottom line

Prepare for all life’s new ventures together with this LiteRider LX car seat stroller in one. Whether you are in search of a jogging stroller, travel stroller, daily stroller, travel system, or even a double stroller, Graco has a widespread range of strollers faultless for your family.

8. FitFold Jogger Stroller by Graco

FitFold Jogger Stroller by Graco

The FitFold Jogger Stroller by Graco folds into 70 percent of its original size, making it the most compacted stroller in its class. It contains a SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX Infant Car Seat, designed for back-facing children up to 35 lbs and 32 inches long.


It features air-filled rubber tires for a smooth ride as well as an easy one-hand fold for expediency. The stroller seat could transform into a lightweight child car seat carrier when you eliminate it.


Also, this Graco baby stroller’s kind also features a multi-position reclining seat as well as an adjustable handle.


User review

The Graco FitFold Jogger Stroller is a quality well-made stroller, it is hood and visor protects our precious little one against the rain or sun.

  • A multi-terrain stroller
  • Height-Adjustable Handle
  • Compacted and Self-Standing Fold
  • Infant Car Seat Included
  • It makes noise on uneven floors.

Bottom line

It features an adaptable, multi-position reclining seat with convertible 3 and 5-point harness and it contains a safety tether, giving you peace of mind that you will stay connected to the baby.

9. Graco Nest Stroller

Graco Nest Stroller

Next up is the Graco Nest Stroller, which is a transformable stroller that truly excels at being an child stroller. Connecting a car seat is a breeze, however you could also transform the toddler seat to a bassinet.


As your kid develops you have the flexibility to change them from back-facing to front-facing, meaning that you could make the baby face you otherwise away from you. The Slide2Me on the Graco Nest stroller is a magnificent feature that permits you to bring the seat closer to you, keeping your kid in arm’s reach.


To add on, the stroller has an expandable storage basket lets you carry everything from a diaper basket to snacks, car seat toys, plus books when they are older, which is a much appreciated expediency feature.


User review

This is by far the best budget stroller car seat combo out there. It is very easy to assemble, as well as moving it around is very easy. The car seat is very easy to install and moving in and out of the car and stroller is just a breeze.

  • Slide to me telescoping seat
  • Accommodates bassinet, child seat, and car seat
  • Expandable storage basket
  • Removable tray
  • One-handed fold
  • No standing fold option
  • A little bulky

Bottom line

Every ride is smooth and expedient with the lightweight aluminum frame as well as one-step, self-standing fold. Extra touches for example a leatherette handle, removable cup holders, and a big canopy with peekaboo window confirm comfort every day.

10. Graco NimbleLite Stroller

Graco NimbleLite Stroller

On to the Graco NimbleLite Stroller – overall a compacted, cozy, and expedient stroller.


A tray for the parent plus a tray for the kid with a total of 2 cup holders to keep everybody happy while on the go. The roomy seat is padded as well as shaded by a deep canopy.


All of your essentials could be stored in the lower storing basket. The one-step fold lets you quickly collapse the stroller plus hop into a taxi, onto a bus, otherwise even board a plane!


User review

The users love this stroller! Fits all Graco infant car seats. Light weight, smooth ride for children and easy to fold up. Moreover easy to assemble. It reclines, has manifold cup holders, storage underneath, and has a vast sun visor. Certainly better than an umbrella stroller! Would certainly recommend.

  • Only weighs 15lbs
  • Includes shoulder strap for carrying when folded
  • Can connect car seats from the Graco line
  • Trays with cup holders for both occupants and parents
  • Padded, multi-position infant seat
  • Small umbrella stroller wheels are not perfect for all terrains
  • No peek-a-boo window in the canopy

Bottom line

Considered an umbrella stroller, it has a slim profile as well as a low weight, yet it still connects to a car seat and is roomy enough for a toddler.

Final Verdict

As for the best Graco stroller overall, it appears that Graco fans unanimously agree that the Graco Uno2Duo stroller provides you the contemporary flexibility and room for growth that today’s parents greatly need. It is a top-notch stroller!


Is Graco a good stroller brand?

Graco is one of the principal and most reliable brands in the industry and has been around for above 65 years. My favorite feature about them is that the best Graco baby strollers deliver quality products at rational prices.

Do all Graco car seats fit in Graco strollers?

Many Graco strollers accept all models of Graco car seats, however there are a few that only accept particular car seats.

Sometimes, aftermarket or off-brand adapters could be purchased that will permit you to attach your stroller plus car seat produced by a firm other than Graco. Be wary though that the attachment is safe, secure and comfortable.

What is the best way to clean a Graco stroller?

Using mild soap plus warm water, you could easily do some spot cleaning on the pillow of your stroller. For bigger messes, we recommend eliminating the seat cover and washing it by hand. 


While you decide to purchase one of these products, make certain you consider all the vital factors. Of course, one of them is the number of kids and how much they weigh. These might appear obvious, but some parents understand them after purchasing the stroller. Although the price is one of the considerations, it must not come before your kid’s comfort.

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