Top 10 Best Umbrella stroller Reviews

What is an umbrella stroller and what makes it great for travel? You’ll get all the answers plus find the best umbrella stroller for travel. All of the human population has gone through technological advancements known as the industrial revolution where technology aimed at increasing production outputs at a wide scale and so did innovative ideas took birth and developed from. People are not the same anymore, their requirements have skyrocketed and they need something completely different to meet their everyday needs.  People are always in the desire for a product that’s off the edge and completely blows their expectation and at the same time make their routinely jobs twice as efficient and fast.

Why is there a need for a best umbrella stroller?

Why should all the adults enjoy all the perks and benefits and not toddlers and small children, they should have the absolute liberty of enjoying all the perks too. With all that being said we all can agree that best umbrella strollers are quite a hot topic in the market right now and our toddlers should be equipped with the best umbrella strollers available on the market to fulfill all of their stroller needs.

Now let’s talk a bit about why would you choose an umbrella stroller over a conventional style stroller or a full-size stroller for the matter. The simple reason is that umbrella stroller, in general, are more lightweight and compact in size because regular sized strollers can get a little hefty, and umbrella strollers to give you that convenience of being the exact opposite while still allowing you to enjoy your rides on the go with your toddlers.

Therefore, it is important to know the difference between what will you end of losing or gaining if you are to choose an umbrella stroller and to make a clear distinction between these types of strollers is important and that’s why we have made a specialized best umbrella stroller guide is all about.

Best Umbrella Stroller – Types

All umbrella strollers aren’t built the same and all umbrella strollers you find in the market are quite apart from each other so let’s look at those eccentric types right now.

Standard umbrella strollers

The standard variety for the umbrella strollers, these strollers are the true representation of what your strollers should be. They have your standard four wheels along with good foldability and lightweight nature.

Double umbrella strollers

Also one of the more lightweight options on the best umbrella strollers list these strollers are tailor made for those people who want to take their twins for a strolling. Within these double umbrella strollers, you side by side umbrella strollers which are quite common. These types of strollers may qualify for the best twin strollers.

Jogging umbrella strollers

The only main difference with the jogging strollers in our list is that they have 3 wheels instead of four and it acts as a good rider stroller. Jogging umbrella strollers have this jogging stroller type vibe and look which makes them stand out from the rest.

Umbrella Travel system

So all the travel system does is it connects an infant car seat with a stroller. They come in all shapes and sizes and even including a jogging travel system. This interconnected system allows you to maintain stealth, in simpler terms you won’t have to worry about waking the baby up.

How we made our list of Top 10 Best Umbrella Strollers

The market for strollers and in particular umbrella strollers is shifting to much greater and competitive heights and it is getting increasingly difficult to make a call about which stroller to buy and it is mainly due to this we had to dig deep and make this best umbrella stroller guide. This will enable our people and parents in particular make informed decisions about strollers and help them get a grasp of what to purchase and what not to.

We went to insanely extreme heights to conclude our primary and secondary research in this matter and our methodology for selecting the best umbrella stroller was to base it around people who really would make an immediate decision to buy this product. Also we made sure to check specific safety standards must be met for all strollers sold in the U.S. Check for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) sticker on the stroller or the packaging.

We can’t seem to know people who such in-depth just to make people’s lives easier and we want to do exactly that. Not only that we gave these products to our peers and asked their honest opinion on these strollers functionality and feature set to truly make things a whole lot more easier for you. Let us run you through our best umbrella strollers list so that you can make your next decision to buy a full proof stroller. These strollers aren’t in any particular order of which one is best so do keep that in mind.

1. Kolcraft – Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Fold Compact Travel Baby Stroller

Kolcraft - Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Fold Compact Travel Baby Stroller

We begin our list with an inexpensive yet very powerful umbrella stroller option and that too with the kolcraft cloud plus stroller. It’s main perk is its eye catching price level which makes it kind of worth it to recommend to many people. This stroller is handsomely light weight and it may not be the lightest around it definitely feels substantially light. This umbrella stroller also features a innovative reclining seat which offers a 5 point safety restraint system, lets take a look at its main features and determine why it is the best umbrella stroller for some people.

Room storage

The kolkraft cloud plus stroller has ample storage facility to store all your important baby essentials. Another great thing about this is that it has a removable child tray with dual cup & juice box holder, and parent tray with two water bottle holders and an extra storage area facility at your disposal. The kolcraft stroller has a total basket weight capacity of upto 10lbs and it is enough to fit regular or medium sized diapers in it quite conveniently in our testing.  The kolcraft Cloud has additional storage with a child tray and parent console inside of it.

Sun visor features

The sun visor features on this stroller impress us a lot to say the absolute least because it has a nice see-through sheet. This increases the visibility for your baby so that they can see more and more often at all times.


Users reviews

The overall majority of people who bought this stroller either had their first child or were new to buying travel strollers and the price really encouraged them to buy this product. Many people have pointed out that it’s surprisingly sturdy for its price and some even as far as to consider it the best umbrella stroller for toddlers.

  • Incredibly light weight designed stroller
  • Very easy assembly
  • Nice little cup-holder for the baby
  • Build is majority plastic and could be improved
  • Tires need to be more shock resistant


So the conclusion we have reached for this stroller is that it definitely impresses as a solid budget option umbrella stroller and is perfect for those parents that need the convenience of a large basket coupled with easy assembly and a clever sun visor is a great stroller option.

2. Evezo 2141A Full-Size Ultra Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Evezo 2141A Full-Size Ultra Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Lets move it along with our next choice at number 2 the Evezo full size and light weight umbrella stroller option that is bound to impress you. This lightweight stroller has a comfortable seat fabric that wont cause your baby any degree of irritation at all. There is even a clever little mesh storage bin underneath the main body of the stroller.

Reclining features

Talking about the Evezo strollers reclining features it definitely is an area where it impresses us as the operation of the recline is very easy and straightforward plus its an adjustable recline which makes it very operational and reclining seat can lay-flat to 170 degrees, making this a perfect choice for parents on the go.

Convenient features

This lightweight stroller has a plethora of convenient features to make your life a whole lot easier and has a very compact and lightweight frame. This type of a feature is an ultimate life saviour for moms and the stroller weight itself is only 16 pounds which makes it a suitable and best umbrella stroller for travel. This stroller can withstand a total child weight of 40 pounds which is mighty impressive. The 5 point safety and harness system will make your child a lot more safer and secure than ever.


Users reviews

While analyzing all of the customer reviews and coming to a decision we found that people actually really enjoyed this strollers design and that’s not what it was intended to be advertised for, and as previously mentioned it has a comfortable fabric it is a stroller that lays down for naps and a cover that protects my little one from the sun. 

  • 5-point-safety-harness, front collision safety bar, and locking brakes.
  • Mesh-net storage bin underneath the seat
  • Smooth and comfortable seat fabric
  • Chemical smell from fabric
  • Poor canopy design


The bottom line is that it is arguably one of the best umbrella strollers out there that has features to impress most consumers. Its reclining abilities is one the best that we have seen and the fact that it only weighs 16 pounds makes it a big plus for using it for travel without any hassle.

3. Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

Graco Breaze Click Connect Stroller

Number 3 on our best umbrella stroller guide is the graco breaze click connect stroller and it’s a stroller that advertises itself for being the easiest folding umbrella stroller, thanks to its innovative one-hand fold design approach. The graco stroller is also compatible with infant car seats and the great thing about it is that it can accommodate a child from birth up to a total weight of 50lbs.Lets go more in-depth about its features.

Amazing lightweight beast

Due to graco being a very lightweight stroller in general it’s a big plus that it has great foldability that is majorly thanks to its innovative one-hand fold. Breaze accepts all Graco Click Connect infant car seats which is a big life saver when you are on the go travelling and want to take your umbrella stroller with you. And its extremely surprising for us to see that even after being so lightweight it can hold a toddler of up to 50 lbs.

Innovative features

The graco stroller is bundled with more than enough features that you might not find in other strollers. The reclining seat for once can be multi positioned and that allows for extreme comfort while strolling and the graco also has a 5 point harness safety point. The wheels and swivel wheels are both lockable which ensures greater maneuverability that allows you more control in general.


Users reviews

The graco stroller is the type of stroller that quickly became a contender for the best umbrella stroller for a 5-year-old and the best umbrella stroller for a 4-year-old as well just because of the fact that it can handle more weight and people absolutely love that, one even said The storage underneath is of a decent size and the cup holder is a nice touch with the stroller.

  • Easy maneuverability and control with the wheels
  • 5 point harness point
  • Nice fabric design touch
  • Too short for tall people
  • Needs to be more lightweight


The bottom line is that this stroller is the absolute best for bigger toddlers because its weight capacity is just downright outstanding, moreover, the cup holder is a handy addition and to us feels right to be placed in this best umbrella stroller guide.

4. Maxi-Cosi Lara Lightweight Ultra Compact Stroller

Maxi-Cosi Lara Lightweight Ultra Compact Stroller

In our number 4 spot lineup we bring you the maxi Cosi lara lightweight Ultra compact stroller is being marketed as conveniently compact and lightweight so you don’t miss any adventure with your baby and have a great time. It manoeuvres with ease around every turn, folds compactly with a simple touch and you can squeeze this stroller into incredibly tight spaces with no problems at all.

Storage features

The maxi cosi lara lightweight stroller will provide you the facility of plenty of storage, this storage space will be especially helpful in putting your child’s accessories into your storage basket conveniently. Now you can plan each adventure knowing that you’ll have enough room for items you’ll need along the way, such as diapers, spare clothes, snacks-even a few of your own things.

Convenient features

The weight of this stroller is only 14 pounds and just like the Graco can hold babies upto 50 lbs. it has Double-decker easy-to-access storage baskets that provide plenty of space to store extra diapers, spare clothes, snacks, and even a few of your own items. What’s not to love here. They have also provided multi position recline options to those who really need it and want to adjust the posture of their baby.

Soure: Amazon

User reviews

People have really enjoyed their time with their stroller and there are good reasons to make it their best baby stroller option, one customer said Great stroller. Extremely lightweight and reclines great. The seat is really cozy and the canopy is fantastic while another one pointed out that it is a great stroller, Folds easily and fits in overhead compartment on an airplane.

  • This travel stroller is designed for children up to 50 pounds
  • Extremely lightweight at 14 pounds
  • Extensive recline options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Priced a little higher than other lightweight options
  • Canopy could be better


So the bottom-line is that this stroller has plenty of similar features to the graco stroller but its recline positions and easy to assemble feature lets it hold its own not to mention its an best umbrella stroller with adjustable handles.

5. 2018 UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller

2018 UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller

We have reached our top 5 spot and uppababy has made another exciting entry into this list, lets talk about a few of uppababy stroller’s selling points. Suitable from 3 months to 55 lbs. the box contains the stroller, plus a removable SPF 50+hood and sunshade, which easily clicks on and a separate rain cover which is nice to have during those heavy rainy weathers. Apart from that the uppababy stroller is also equipped with front wheels that need to be popped in (very simple) and then it can be opened and is ready to go in five minutes flat. Lets dig in deeper and elaborate on its main features.

Useful features

The G-luxe stroller has a one handed reclining seat mechanism which allows you to control your baby comfortably and not disturbing your toddler at any moments. Sippy cup or water bottle, the G-LUXE includes a removable cup holder that easily attaches to the stroller frame. The storage is plenty which allows upto 10lbs of good storage and essentials to be placed at your disposal not to mention the UPF 50+ shade that will shield your child from all the various sun rays.

Convenient features

Talking about this stroller’s convenient features and it has plenty to say the least, first it helps whether you’re on the go or boarding subways the One-step break mechanism is a life savior and helps you bring your stroller to one complete stop. The one hand trigger systems make it incredibly easy to fold these strollers and so easy that you only require your fingers to fold it. Even after folding it stands on its own. The G-LUXE stroller is sure to become your favorite travel accessory, at 16 lbs you can easily pick it up and carry it over your shoulder.


Users reviews

We closely examined the reviews of this product and we found out that this is people’s favorite and best umbrella strollers for 3 year old and above kids and its back seat is quite tall and the canopy coverage is far more superior in this stroller than it is for other strollers in this price bracket.

  • Easy to remove washable fabrics
  • Included cup holder
  • Stands when folded
  • The foot brake needs to be pushed firmly
  • Needs a peak window to check a baby sleeping.


We have reached the conclusion that this stroller is definitely the best umbrella stroller for tall parents and tall toddlers because of the fact that its back seat is quite tall, apart from that brings you modern conveniences at a very justifiable price.

 6. UPPAbaby G-Link 2 Stroller

UPPAbaby G-Link 2 Stroller

In number 6 we have yet another UPPAbaby product and that too the G-link 2 stroller, this stroller is the successor to the original Glink is much more lightweight in comparison. Compared to the previous model, the G-Link 2 is lighter by about 2.5 lbs (now weighing 22 lbs) and narrower by 2 inches. This is definitely a plus if you want something you can easily carry on the go than this stroller is for you.

Build quality

The G-link 2 is extremely solidly built stroller, it has a has an updated look, a larger three-panel canopy to better shield kids from the sun, and a bigger, more accessible under-seat basket that can hold up to 10 lbs. Not only that but it also features a light weight aluminum frame and moving this stroller up and down the stairs is much easier. And despite becoming lighter, each seat can still hold up to 55 lbs of baby meat (for a total of 110 lbs), which is quite generous. 

Convenient features

This stroller requires very less effort to maneuver around because its lightweight design coupled with its narrow design makes sure that the stroller moves with you. The Glink 2 stroller has versatile reclining seats which allows you to adjust one baby in one setting and the other in some other angle.


Users review

People and our close peers have recommended the Glink 2 as their best umbrella stroller and there is a good reason to believe why they made that choice. They strongly believe that this stroller gives  a smooth hassle free ride and coupled with its lightweight is extremely easy to handle and carry.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Independent multi-position reclining seats
  • Multi-panelled canopies with extendable UPF 50+ sunshades
  • Slightly shorter in height
  • Could fit more larger toddlers in it


The end of the day the Glink 2 is a much needed entrant in our best umbrella strollers list and has compelling features like easier folding and unfolding mechanism than the traditional Uppababy G Link (and also compared to the Maclaren double umbrella strollers), coupled with a modern approach on build quality.

7. BabyZen Yoyo2 – Best umbrella stroller for a 3 year old

BabyZen Yoyo2- Best umbrella stroller for a 3 year old

The baby Zen yoy2 is one of the more expensive options in our best umbrella strollers list coming in at more than 500 dollars but the question is that is it worth it to pay so much for a stroller when you can get other much cheaper options? Let’s talk a look.

Standout features

The babyzen stroller has a 5 point safety harness point as well as the Comfortable 2.5 cm mattress, which lies completely flat, including Pop-up canopy with two different opening positions and Anti-UV (UPF 50+) water-repellent fabric. There is a head and support cover to maintain the safety of your baby.

Convenient features

The babyzenyo2 is ultra compact and dissembles into two half shells that can be utilized for optimal storage. There are inner pockets to tuck away small items and comes equipped with a ventilated canopy.


Users reviews

Overall people has given this product very strong reviews and we totally get that, someone said It is indeed a one-hand push on most of the terrains, including grass. So easy to manoeuvre even with my 6 year old in it while some enjoy it for its quality fabric.

  • One handed driving stroller
  • Choice of 9 fabrics
  • Good storage capabilities
  • The recline isn’t the best
  • Toddler can feel bump during sidewalks


The bottom-line is that this stroller does provide plenty of unique features to keep you interested and motivating with a wide variety of color options to keep you engaged, there is more things to like about this stroller than dislike, the only question is, is the price tag worth it.

8. Jeep North Star Stroller 

Jeep North Star Stroller 

In at number 8 in our best umbrella strollers list is jeep North star stroller, has a blend of sophisticated features enhanced by sleek style, the North Star Stroller epitomizes form and function for the modern, on-the-go family. This stroller is designed to appeal to cater your active lifestyle and adventures your toddler is willing to see. Lets see how it stacks up

Child features

The jeep north strollers mesh back  creates healthy air flow and keeps baby comfy in any weather year round, along with 3 point harness point and a extendable European style canopy design that protects your baby from the sun.

Parent features

Has a very cool storage basket to include all your parenting essentials and the grip is very strong so you can maintain efficient control at all times. There is a Removable carry-all parent organizer so baby essentials are always on hand.


Users reviews

The users loved the jeep north umbrella stroller for many things and also considered it the best umbrella stroller with movable handles.

  • 3 point harness safety
  • Ultra light and compact
  • Headrest, footrest and calf support
  • No instructions in package
  • Noisy wheel


The jeep north is a solid umbrella stroller option who value comfort for both children and themselves as parents and the light weight design only adds to more benefits it possesses.

9. Chicco C6 Stroller

The Chicco Lightweight Stroller is equipped with a padded five-point harness, multi-position reclining seat, and an adjustable, removable canopy. It has all wheel suspension system  and locking front swivels help maintain a smooth ride from surface to surface. Most importantly, the Ct 0.6 has a compact fold, weighs only eleven pounds and comes with a travel-friendly carry strap and bag for on-the-go convenience.

Convenient features

The chico C6 stroller has a nice 5 point harness point, talking about the canopy it goes all the way to the bottom which efficiently protects the baby and maintains their safety.  If you have a pretty small baby, I think you can always throw a burp cloth over there as long as you have ventilation on the sides.


Users review

The general public has really enjoyed this stroller and some consider it to be the best price to features stroller. One user said I purchased this stroller about two month ago with the purpose to travel, it works perfectly.  it comes with the stroller bag very convenient for travel.

  • More canopy space and is roomy
  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • 5 point harness
  • The plastic build can be improved
  • Small waist strap


The Chico C6 stroller is an amazing stroller that is undoubtedly one of the best umbrella strollers out there, it has a great 5 point harness and the stroller bag is something nice to have.

10. Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller – best umbrella stroller

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

Continuing on our best travel stroller rankings we have the summer 3dlite convenience stroller that is a durable option with a lightweight design as well as being a stroller packed with tons of features, for starters it has a aluminum frame and the frame itself is not difficult to fold so parents will have less to none to worry about.

Lightweight design

Having a stroller that feels like absolutely nothing is going to massively improve your outing and overall experience, The Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller has a durable aluminum frame that weighs just 13 pounds coupled with shock resistant wheels.

Compact fold

If other strollers are giving you extreme storage issues and all you want is extreme comfort in the storage department this stroller can provide you that convenience. The ergonomic fold along with the carry strap is a unique feature which makes it easy to store this stroller.


Users reviews

There is a strong reasoning to why people have declared this as their best travel stroller option and we definitely resonate with their choices, people love its weight and easy manipulation.

  • Includes cup holder and rear storage pocket
  • Anti shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels
  • Easy compact fold w/ auto lock and carry strap
  • Small cup holder
  • Could use a larger back seat

Bottom Line

This is a worthy offering and its lightweight design wonderfully compliments its compact folding design, we haven’t seen many strollers provide so many features at the price point this stroller is sitting at.

Buyer’s guide

Now that we have closely examined all these best umbrella stroller market offerings, we know that it will help you make a more informed decision but there is still somethings you need to keep in mind before proceeding to make your final decision, lets look at different characteristics that you need to keep in mind before making your final buying decision.


A umbrella stroller should be bought by keeping in mind the lifestyle choices you can bear and be comfortable with. Don’t buy a stroller that doesn’t fulfill your lifestyle criteria.

Lightweight and compact

A signature umbrella stroller should be extremely lightweight and compact and that will lead you to easily control and maneuver it and possibly carry it in busy flights and there it will really come in handy.


Wheels are important and need to be incredibly resistant to certain surfaces and its especially useful if the wheels have a more smooth surface and they are easily controllable through brakes. . Three-wheel strollers are generally easy to steer even on difficult terrains, while four-wheel strollers are more stable than the others and designed for crowded and narrow spaces.

Folding mechanism

The folding umbrella stroller mechanism allows you to fold the stroller in half and If you want something to store in a car or house, an umbrella fold is probably enough, this will save you tons of space and give you convenience.

Final verdict

After looking at so many unique and powerful best umbrella stroller options out there we have come to the conclusion that one isn’t better than the other and each stroller has its own unique set of distinguishing features that make it incredibly unique to own, but if you ask us we preferred the jeep north star stroller because of it’s a simple interpretation but a very solid outdoor and practical performer.


What is an umbrella stroller?

Umbrella strollers are typically more lightweight and smaller than your traditional-sized stroller, and when folded, resemble the shape, and sometimes size, of an umbrella. Their compact weight is very helpful to allow you enjoy hassle free travels and make it more easier to carry the stroller on your back.

Should babies sleep in a baby stroller?

This is actually a big no and not recommended at any costs because the area inside a baby stroller isn’t big enough like a bed or baby sleeping and that can actually suffocate them so we definitely don’t recommend this practice.

What kind of safety features should I look for in a umbrella stroller?

Make sure to find an umbrella stroller with a frame that is easy to use and locks firmly into position. This will reduce the odds of the stroller accidentally collapsing while your child is still inside. The idea is to ensure your child’s protection at all costs. Most important of all make sure the stroller is very compact and lightweight because that is the main promise for umbrella strollers.


And the time has finally come to jump to the conclusion for this detailed yet comprehensive umbrella stroller guide. Every umbrella stroller we listed here are one of the best umbrella strollers available right now on the market and they are all unique in their own way. Choose one that meets all your criteria.

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